In many cultures, the New Year also coincides with Spring and because flowers symbolise new life and rebirth. Hence, many welcome the New Year not only with fresh blooms in their homes but also with Floral prints clothes as they freshen up ones look, and give hope of getting the coming year off to a good start.

The arrival of a new year does not merely mark the passing of time; it is often symbolic, for many, of a new beginning.

Some people start afresh by making New Year resolutions, while others do so by revamping their wardrobes.

HAYDEN Spring Summer 2017 Collections – blossoms after the rain, is inspired from a trip down the Southern Ridges Trail.

The Southern Ridges Trail is a winding trail that leads you over hills, bridges and amazing views of the city. Stretching over 10 km, the Southern Ridges connects several parks and green spaces from Mount Faber Park all the way to Kent Ridge Park — perfect for a day out for a stroll among nature.

It would take you three to five hours to cover the entire Southern Ridges but you can always choose to visit selected highlights and attractions.


Of course, the trail never takes walkers into true wilderness, and apart from monkeys and butterflies you are unlikely to see much in the way of wildlife. However, there are several shorter sections which are more forested.

The eastern end of the trail near Faber Park climbs quickly and offers excellent views south over Sentosa Island and north towards the heart of Singapore.

The densely packed apartment buildings which stretch to the horizon are a reminder than even a brief jaunt through the jungle is impressive in a major city like this.

Towards the western end of the trail is Hort Park, which is home to several small but beautiful gardens including a butterfly garden.

Other highlights include the Alexandra Arch and the extended series of gradually descending platforms just before Hort Park.


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