Sneak peek of Bridging the Seasons by Hayden Ng Collection.COMING SOON.... Stay tuned to this page - Click the "FOLLOW" button!VIEW COLLECTIONS -đŸŽ„ đŸ“· MADE POSSIBLE BECOS OF THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE.VIDEO TEAM: Equatre - Kevin Wong & TEAM,HAIR: MJ01 Hair and Beauty - Melvyn Lee,MUA - Cheng Kum Hong Antonio,ACCESSOIRS - YARD YARN,CATERING - YAYOI SingaporeCONNECTIVITY - Yogofi - Global Mobile WiFi... Continue Reading →

HAYDEN Fall 2018/19 Collection - FELINE, is inspired by a recent trip to Pulau Tekong. Other than NS Men, you can also find the cute, endangered Leopard Cats On Pulau Tekong. They might be of the same size as a domestic cat, but make no mistake — they are definitely not your average house cat
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"I love doing designs with floral prints because they ways make people look better, happier, and more radiant; they are sunshine, food, happiness for the soul and they make it everyone look special." Hayden Ng #creativedirector - HAYDEN BOUTIQUE

Inspiration behind HAYDEN BOUTIQUE Resort 2018 Collection – BLOSSOMS Inspiration behind HAYDEN BOUTIQUE​ Resort 2018 Collection - BLOSSOMS, by #creativedirector, Hayden Ng​. Coming soon... 😉😊


In many cultures, the New Year also coincides with Spring and because flowers symbolise new life and rebirth. Hence, many welcome the New Year not only with fresh blooms in their homes but also with Floral prints clothes as they freshen up ones look, and give hope of getting the coming year off to a... Continue Reading →

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