I will be participarting in the ASEAN International Digital Fashion Week presented by ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase x Thehomeground Asia x W Singapore - Sentosa Cove from 5- 8 Aug, 2021 from 8-11pm (+8 GMT). đŸ•đŸżđŸ„ƒđŸ˜„â–¶ïžđŸ’» https://www.thehomeground.asia/category/featured-events/asean-international-digital-fashion-week-resort

May the festive occasion of Dragon Boat Festival bring along lots of happiness, success and good health for you and your dear ones. Best wishes from all at HAYDEN BOUTIQUE by Hayden NG.


https://youtu.be/8VF-ILtrCxE Sneak peek of Bridging the Seasons by Hayden Ng Collection.COMING SOON.... Stay tuned to this page - Click the "FOLLOW" button!VIEW COLLECTIONS - https://www.haydensingapore.com/collectionsđŸŽ„ đŸ“· MADE POSSIBLE BECOS OF THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE.VIDEO TEAM: Equatre - Kevin Wong & TEAM,HAIR: MJ01 Hair and Beauty - Melvyn Lee,MUA - Cheng Kum Hong Antonio,ACCESSOIRS - YARD YARN,CATERING - YAYOI SingaporeCONNECTIVITY - Yogofi - Global Mobile WiFi... Continue Reading →

My Journey as a fashion designer began 38 years ago when I was sixteen right out of school. Fashion has always been my passion since my teenage years and I always knew that I would be doing this for an exceptionally long time. The initial struggle to find my niche and my style of design... Continue Reading →

https://www.youtube.com/embed/fmGFpd1bmFU TIME TO LIVE YOUR DREAM!! HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES? OPEN CALL TO ALL ASPIRING DESIGNERS. ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase partner FNL Network x International Digital Fashion Week is organising a global design competition for you. ✀ CLOSING DATE - 15th December 2020. ✀ Need more information please inbox Official Rep - Hayden... Continue Reading →

https://www.youtube.com/embed/KO7P-fFPh6Q TIME TO STEP IT UP AND GET GLOBAL RECOGNITION THAT YOU DESERVE! If you are a fashion designer or a brand that would like to showcase on International Digital Fashion Week, feel free to contact me. You can still watch @fnl_idfw on @fnlnetwork now! FREE OWNLOAD - https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork.

Hey fashionistas! HAYDEN BOUTIQUE will showcasing at the Global Premiere of International Digital Fashion Week by FNL Network on 5th Sept 2020. Have you downloaded the FNL Network app yet? This app is free to download and IDFW channel is also free to watch. The app and IDFW channel is available all over the world. 😊💖💖💖💖💖 CLICK here - https://linktr.ee/fnlnetwork #fashiondesigner #fashionambassador #afds #aseanfashiondesignersshowcase #supportlocaldesigners #supportlocal #supportasean #supportlocalbrand #supportaseanbrand #becoursefashionmatters #idfw #FNLNetwork #fashionweek #fashion #world #digital #apple #ios #appletv #rokutv #ipad #macos #firetv #android #iphone #androidtv #free #nyfw #pfw #mfw #lfw #hayden... Continue Reading →

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