What is a well groomed person? The definition of well-groomed is someone or something with a neat, tidy and pleasing appearance. An example of well-groomed is a lady who gets her hair done at the salon every week and who does her makeup perfectly every day.                        The same... Continue Reading →



                             HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! ️ ️

While packing last evening, I found a newspaper cutting of me doing a print ad for Ribena when I was 6 years old.  This ad was shot in 1972.

Made my way down to new cosy corner of  MJ01 Hair and Beauty yesterday afternoon to catch up with my dear friends - Melvyn and Jess as I had not seen them for awhile and the new location. From the industrial feel of the old saloon, they have now opted for a cosy space that is indeed more intimate... Continue Reading →

PRIVATE DINNING last evening at Tinoq + Dylan, with Ida, Y.y. and Nelson!  Fabulous home cooked meal by the Great Chef Tinoq!   and the fabulous company!   experience For inquires - Pls inbox Tinoq or Dylan  Ida Ong #haydenmajorlove #privatedining #greatfood

"I love doing designs with floral prints because they ways make people look better, happier, and more radiant; they are sunshine, food, happiness for the soul and they make it everyone look special." Hayden Ng #creativedirector - HAYDEN BOUTIQUE

Wishing all a festive Duan Wu Jie! The Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 18 2018. Duan Wu Jie, meaning the "Upright Sun" or Duan Yang, "Double Fifth", is a Chinese festivity with origins in Southern China. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth month around the Summer Solstice, involving boat races and rice... Continue Reading →

The role of a father in an individual’s life cannot be fathomed. They invest themselves completely and ask for nothing in return. It is only fitting then that a day is kept exclusively for them to remind how special they are to us.  Father’s Day is celebrated every year on the third week of June.... Continue Reading →

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