I think it is bizarre to find that most men’s underwear section in department shops are staffed entirely by women!

I have wondered about this since my teens when I was able to shop for underwear on my own.

I decided to write on this issue because after going shopping last evening at one of Singapore’s department store. I casually picked up one of the sample underwear and the salesperson, a middle aged women, plonked to my”aid” and asked ‘Can I helpzz you?’ I replied that I was just having a look. Normally, the salesperson would just back off and let you browse at your free will, this one just followed closely. Most irritated, I left the store.

men's underwear department store

Why are all the salespeople in a men’s underwear section women?

This is a sensitive part of a men’s body and you need to have some discussions regarding size, colour and attractive choices and you definitely don’t want to get into such a discussion with a stranger, let alone a female stranger!

Common decency and personal comfort dictate that the majority of men would much rather discuss their underwear with another man.

I vouch that guys don’t feel very comfortable when females are selling them underwear, telling them what size they need, and saying ‘I think this is small on you, I think this is large on you’,” she says. It is really embarrassing. They try to give comments – ‘this might suit you better than that’ – it is really not correct somehow.

I wonder how women will feel if guys were employed to service the sales floor of the women’s undergarment sections, dispensing out advice on what will look good on them and telling them what size they need!

To be fair to the female promoter, many of them find the experience just as embarrassing as their men customers. They are torn between trying to do their job as salespeople and not stepping on any toes by doing something inappropriate, that could land them in hot water.

Because of this, I know of many guys turning to shop online and going to specialty stores instead.

I believe that the concept of men selling men’s underwear to other men is so natural that any other option is just invalid. The concept is flawless and in theory, it should be easy enough to get men to staff these sections!

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