HAYDEN SPIRAL Capsule Collection

HAYDEN SPIRAL Capsule Collection is now available for your picking.

View the new collection – https://www.haydensingapore.com


• This new collection is called SPIRAL.

• For this capsule collection, the inspiration comes from glass marbles. With their diverse origins, and designs, making them a fascinating and beloved part of human culture.

• Glass marbles come in a variety of colors and patterns, the smooth, shiny surface of a glass marble is translated into chiffon textures or shiny accessories styled with the designs.

• The swirling patterns of glass marbles reminds me of the interesting prints on this collection’s printed chiffon fabric. A dress with a print that looks like a collection of glass marbles could be a fun and playful addition to a wardrobe.

• The contrast between the transparent glass and the solid colors of the marbles inspires the layering of the dresses. A tunic top or dress with a sheer panel or overlay is like a nod to the transparency of glass, while the solid-coloured inner piece is incorporated to the finishing of the design.

• Some glass marbles have an iridescent sheen, reflecting different colors as they catch the light. This inspired me to design a classic halter neck dress with a unique and eye-catching spiral print that catches the light and reflects a range of colors.

• Some glass marbles feature a gradient of colors, from light to dark. This inspired me to design a dress with a similar gradient effect, using a layer of pleated sheer chiffon in different shades.

• Marbles can be described as eclectic because they are a diverse and varied collection of small spherical objects that come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Marbles can be made from glass, clay, agate, and other materials, and they can be found in various sizes, from tiny little beads to larger, more substantial spheres.

• Marbles also have a long and fascinating history, dating back to ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, who played with marbles made of stone thousands of years ago. Throughout history, marbles have been used for games, as well as for decorative and artistic purposes, making them a versatile and eclectic object.

• Most importantly, marbles can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, making them a universal and inclusive object that brings people together in play and enjoyment.

• Like the marble, I hope that this capsule collection – SPIRAL, can be enjoyed by women of all ages and backgrounds.


• The model for this campaign shoot is Phoebe Thu Dinh.

• Phoebe hails from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and was the 1st runner up in Miss Movie Star Vietnam 2015. She has moved her way up to become one of Vietnam’s top Master of Ceremonies, TV Anchor, Actress, International Model, and Influencer.

• She graduated with a Bachelor of Finance and Banking degree from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH Vietnam).

• With her diverse talent skills and a passion for travelling, Phoebe has travelled the world with shared the experience, the diversity of beautiful features of different countries with many of the fans.

• We will definitely be seeing more of her in the near future.


• The location of this shoot in the house of one of Singapore’s forefathers of Singapore fashion, Mr Allan Chai & Mr Ross Chng.

• The beautiful eclectic setting of the house coincides with the new collection’s inspiration – The glass marble.


• Herbert Julian is a Singapore fashion photographer, known for his distinctive black-and-white images that captured the essence of his subjects.

• Julian’s photographs often featured natural lighting and minimal retouching, giving his subjects a raw, unvarnished quality. He was renowned for his ability to capture the personalities of his models, many of whom became his close friends.


• Cindy Chong is a Singapore hair and makeup. She has created makeup looks for fashion shows, red carpet events, and editorial shoots, and her brand is known for its luxurious and high-quality products.


• YAYOI Singapore, serves the authentic taste of a Japanese home-cooked meal, Teishoku which consists of one soup, one main dish and two side dishes.


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