(L) Before makeover (R) After makeover

The last time I posted on this topic was 10/11/20. Nothing was really happening during the pandemic period and now, after a year and a half, finally the world is opening up.

Time to get that crowning glory of mine styled and groomed! This time I will be at HairSpec to try something different due to thinning hair! Yes… You heard me!

Thinning hair or hair loss can be a traumatic event for anyone. Surgery comes with a time delay, can be costly and there is no guarantee on the results. Being a fashion designer, I needed to opt for a cool trendy look… Thus I decided to go for the most fashionable option of hair pieces or toupee (the old fashion term)!

Gone are the days when you did not want ANYONE to know you were wearing a hair piece. Fashionistas are treating hair pieces like they treat their other fashion accessories. If you purchased a new bag, you’d be proud. Do the same with your hair piece. They are easy to wear, fashionable and very comfortable.

Technology has greatly improved in cap construction therefore allowing more air flow. Wigs are lightweight and comfortable. The hair piece is secured by the construction of the cap. They are really secure and won’t fly off!

Care of the hair piece depends on the type of hair. It is rather simple you’ll be impressed!

And just in a short time frame, you can see the results of the makeover!

Make an appointment with HairSpec today, they will go over every detail with you during the consultation and provide complete instructions.

(t) 6438 4382 (web)


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