International Digital Fashion Week, Official Representative – Hayden Ng

My Journey as a fashion designer began 38 years ago when I was sixteen right out of school.

Fashion has always been my passion since my teenage years and I always knew that I would be doing this for an exceptionally long time.

The initial struggle to find my niche and my style of design happened in my early years of my fashion design journey.

You can read more about my fashion design journey here –

So, I totally understand what any fellow designer is going thru at any point of one’s fashion design journey.

But today, the fashion situation is totally different and as the official representative for International Digital Fashion Week and I would like to share with you, like-minded friends with their own individual style, on how you can show the world, your designs that are a form of self-expression and a way of working for those potential clients out there.

International Digital Fashion Week is the fi­rst ever digital platform created that allows designers to showcase their collections globally. As the biggest fashion week in the industry, IDFW provides individuals a large-scale platform to share their creativity and authenticity with the world. By creating an accessible and FREE platform, IDFW has allowed for all users to indulge in diversity and culture through the FNL Network. This non-traditional broadcasting format has created a unique opportunity for the audience to experience fashion week in a more interactive way. International Digital Fashion Week is transforming Fashion Weeks around the world.

International Digital Fashion Week’s all-inclusive format has not only allowed designers from all over the world to participate and present their visionary collections, but it‑‑also allows all people to watch the collection come to life right from their living room, no invitation necessary. IDFW is easily accessible and FREE to everyone and anyone worldwide via Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Android devices, and all iOS devices.

Interested to know more on the IDFW platform. Please feel free to inbox me.

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