HAYDEN AT MSRFW2019 – HAYDEN 丨 Simple and luxurious rendering with color.


HAYDEN 丨 Simple and luxurious rendering with color

2019 Maritime Silk Road Fashion Culture Week
Colorful Hess
January 5, 2020

Singapore High Fashion Brand — HAYDEN
Appeared at the 2019 Maritime Silk Road Fashion Culture Week:
Designer Hayden NG, known for its creation for elegant women, pursues fashion trends without losing confidence and original luxury fabrics, smooth lines, minimalist silhouettes and tailoring, and outlines women’s perfect sexy lines.

Design key:
HAYDEN is committed to discovering women’s maverick individualism, while displaying feminine charm while pursuing modern and simple expression.

Design highlights:
Shaping loose silhouettes, matching the shapes of ink color, geometry, and totem, through unique innovative design and exquisite hand-cutting, it highlights the layered sense of clothing and brings visual impact.

HAYDEN’s main inspiration comes from Singapore’s urban culture and continued feminine elegance. The performance of different collections is presented in bold contrasting colors and flattering simplicity. The combination of fashion and practicality is the pursuit of Hayden NG fashion design.

As a female fashion brand in Singapore, HAYDEN has demonstrated the elegant and fashionable charm of Singaporean women and contributed to the cultural exchange between China and Singapore.



新加坡高级时尚品牌— HAYDEN
设计师Hayden NG,以其专为优雅女性创造而闻名,追求时尚潮流,却不失自信和原创性奢华的面料、流畅的线条,极简的轮廓和剪裁,勾勒出女性完美性感的线条。



HAYDEN的主要灵感来源于新加坡的城市文化和延续的女性优雅,不同系列的表现以大胆的撞色和张扬简约的形式呈现,时尚和实用的结合是Hayden NG时装设计的追求。


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