Ren Ri -人日2019


11th February 2019 is the 7th day of the Chinese New Year and is a big day, in the Chinese culture, called The People’s Day or man’s birthday (Ren Ri -人日 ), it symbolises the birth of new life and new hope after the fight against the Nian Beast (disaster and bad luck).

HAYDEN BOUTIQUE & our ‪#‎creativedirector‬ Hayden Ng wishes you –

Today is 7th day of CNY, we wish you:
Life with no more suffering
常常有运 7,
Always lucky
天天都喜 7,
Happiness everyday
少发点脾 7,
Less anger,
为人多和 7,
More harmony
越来越阔 7,
More generosity
多吸新空 7,
More fresh air
才会多福 7 ,
More prosperity
做人和和 7 7
Be harmonious
Everything will goes as you wish
你们:《人日》生日快乐和家人天天快乐!! 😊💖

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