ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase in Yangon, Myanmar!

afds wedding 18 copy.jpg1

Excited as the ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase team heads off to Yangon, Myanmar soon!

Part of AFDS’s Strategic Plan 2018 is to

  • Recruit founder members and designers from Myanmar and the Philippines
  • Expand the existing designer group by an additional 9 designers specialising in bridal wear.

This we have achieved!

And this 26th and 27th May, AFDS team of  fashion designers, models, hair + makeup creatives, decorum director and live streaming team will be headed over to Yangon, Myanmar.


Sule Shangri-La, Yangon presents ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Special Wedding Showcase – Iconic Inspirations on 26th & 27th May 2018.

Featuring Designers –
● Hayden Ng – HAYDEN BOUTIQUESingapore
● Natacha Van – Natacha Van CollectionCambodia
● Bandid Lasavong – MEN folderLaos
● Mogok Pauk Pauk – #MogokPaukPaukCoutureFGMMyanmar
● Dibya Hody – INTERIM ClothingIndonesia
● Ma Myint Zu – Zu Zu CollectionMyanmar
● Pitnapat Yotinratanachai – PitnapatThailand
● Charlotte Barjou – #CharlotteBarjouDesignMyanmar
● Micheal Ooi – MOfactoryMalaysia
● Billy Si Amphan – #BILLYLaos
● Nguyễn Minh Tuấn – NTK MINH TUAN NguyenVietnam
● Pat Santos – #PatSantosCouturePhilippines

Supported by #AFDS #RegionalPartners –
● Runway Moda 
● #BEAUTE by Tinoq + Dylan 
● IMP International – Ida Ong

● ASEAN Fashion Designers Showcase Special Wedding Show 2018 – Iconic Inspirations is organised by #AFDS (Myanmar) #Founder – Mr Brian Jeremiah, International Director Consultant, Carrie Models International – Myanmar and team.

● Models – Carrie Models International – Myanmar

● Supported by #AFDS #modelambassadors –
● Elizabeth
● Jennie Miss World Laos 2017
● Lingling Piyadar inthavong
● Por

● Show Director – Mr Brian Jeremiah.

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