DRYEL – The best way to clean your special care clothes!

For most of the clothes that I design and make, I always use European fabrics. I always recommend dry cleaning for the finished garments. This will not only maintain the fabric but will also give the clothes a longer lifespan.

Feeling upset about needing to spend hundreds of dollars on sending these out to laundry shop? To many, it is a pain, no time and expensive!

Maybe this comes strike your mind: can I dry clean them by myself? But how? 

I checked with my long time friend, Michele Lim, and this is how she does her dry cleaning of my garments, at home!

If you have a laundry dryer at home, you may use the following steps but you have to get the right detergent solution first –Dryel which can be found at Cold storage in Singapore.

Dryel is a at-home dry cleaners. It uses biodegradable cleaning agents and no harsh chemical is used. Official website is Dryel Official Website. You can visit their facebook at Dryel Facebook Site  or Pinterest at Dryel Pinterest Site Their product consists of Dryel Starting Kits and Dryel Refillable Pack.

You can use Dryel to wash your”Dry-Clean” labelled apparels with your home laundry dryer machine, at the same time with other types of apparels in your normal home laundry washing machine. 2 machines at 1 time. With this, you can save money on laundry shops.

Steps involved:

1. Place all the”Dry-Clean” labelled apparels into a laundry dryer bag with a Dryel cleaning cloth.
You can even place those with delicate fabric or designer label apparels, even they are dark or colourful in colours.
No shrinking and stretching for sweaters or apparels with stretchable fabric too!
If your apparel has stain mark, you can use Dryel On-the-Go Stain Removal Pen to rub on the stain spot before place the apparels into dryer bag.

2. Zip up the bag and put it into your dry machine for about 30 minutes. After that, take the apparels out from the bag and hang them up. They will be fresh and clean!

By using Dryel, you save money, time, electricity and water.

This is the video that shows how Dryel works: Dryel by DRYEL


After reading this, may be you can decide on this method to use on your”Dry-Clean” labelled apparels?

Nevertheless, this method is just a guide that I can help to find, for  you, my valuable customers. You may have a better method than the above-mentioned one. If you do, please let me know so that I can share them in my next round of blog! 🙂






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