Stephanie Heng is a client and friend, that I have known since she was 18 yrs. old, and ever since then, she has always held the philosophy of dressing  appropriately for  the occasion.

She has always been a girl next door,  even till that minute, she walked thru my door last evening in her jumpers, shorts and Croc sandals! Armed with her bag of feminine essentials, evening heels and a dress that she had bought from me awhile back… She has confidently put her fate of transformation into make guru – Tinoq Russell Goh, hair mastero – Dylan Chan and my hands!

Stephanie was attending 2 wedding dinners at 2 different 5 stars hotels last evening, and the dress that she had acquired previously, did not work for the 2 venues and occasions, so, I chose a Silk opal chiffon off shoulder maxi dress with a contrast fuchsia belt for her – She loved it! Part 1 of my job done.

Tinoq and Dylan chatted with her for a while, and we then decided the look for her would be – young, girly, feminine, sexy and radiant. Tinoq commented that she had beautiful skin and should not plaster her face with foundation – which I totally agreed, as I had seen Stephanie, made up by other make up artiste before. Dylan hair style was a simple updo as a tight chignon would have been too aging!

An hour and a half  later, part 2 of my job to dress and accessorize her.

And voila! Stephanie was ready to party the night away!

So, everyone can be beautiful and a star – that is the philosophy of this creative team!

Stephanie Heng – our girl next door before makeover


Stephanie Heng – our girl next door after make-over

Stephanie in the ONE.OF.A.KIND Silk Opal Chiffon maxi dress that I selected for her

The Creative Team behind Stephanie Heng’s make-over!

Fashion Designer – Hayden Ng, Makeup Guru – Tinoq Russell Goh and Hair Mastero – Dylan Chan. Picture – Nelson Lee

If you need that makeover, please don’t hesitate to call us for an appointment  (t) +65 62200882 or (e) haydensingapore@gmail.com




2 thoughts on “A TOTAL MAKEOVER for A REAL WOMEN wearing HAYDEN!

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  1. Thanks Darlings!! Thank you Hayden for coming to my rescue with the bag and earrings to complete the look, and for going through the trouble to look for them! Hahahaha luv the look on your face when you saw my black porch..that was classic! Thanks Tinoq for lending me the gloss, and for making me feel beautiful! You guys are the sweetest!!


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