Miss Singapore Universe 2009 – Finals

A night out with all the most beautiful women in Singapore – 9th May 2009.

It has been indeed a great pleasure & delight to dress these 12 finalists of the Miss Singapore Universe ’09 pageant! All great girls indeed!

12 Finalists in my gowns with accessories from Michal Negrin
pic: dave law

(L to R) April Wang, Gina Tng, Kho Hui Ting, Rachel Kum, Cheryl Wee & Poh Shee Yeah

(L to R) Jacelyn Lim, Emiko Thein & Ethel Tan

(L to R) Emiko Thein, Jeanine Quee, April Wang, Rachel Kum & Cheryl Wee

2nd Runner-Up: Cheryl Wee, Miss Singapore Universe 2009: Rachel Kum & 1st Runner-Up: April Wang

Miss Singapore Universe 2009 ~ Rachel Kum
pics courtesy of rachel kum

Agnes, me, Errol Pang, Marion Nicole Teo & Glenn Ong pic : edmund tan

What evening gown will I design for Rachel to wear for the finals in the international pageant of Miss Universe ’09 in August…….

STAY TUNED for the updates!

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